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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Caspian Terns on the Lake Kummerow

The Lake Kummerow near Verchen is a very important migration place of Caspain Terns in NE-Germany. The peak of migration is each year between mid to late August with 100-140 Ind.

The Pallas's Gull is a rare guest in Germany. This bird is in in the 3rd cy. and since 05. July 2010 on Lake Kummerow also near Verchen. In August was the Pallas's often associated with Caspian Terns from Finland and Sweden (some metal ring readings). You can see a Caspian Tern from Finland with yellow colour ring "CACO".

Pallas's Gull 3rd cy together with Caspian Tern first cy.

Approximately 40-45 % of Caspians are ringed with metal rings. Very high number! Most of readings in 2010 were from Finland. Only three birds was fitted with a yellow colour ring (Finland - CCJ8, CCJ9 and CACO).

This bird is from Finland (CT-143.011).
Pallas's Gull on 07.09.2010 and below 13.09.2010 (below - see fresh p8-10) - Lake Kummerow

This young Caspian Tern from Sweden (Stockholm 7192608) is together at least since 31.08. with one parent (Stockholm 7183980) to date on 12.09.2010 on the same place.