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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Some extracts to the analysis with cover nets

Here are some passages from the analysis in Israel with Black Storks vs. cover nets....

In the Bet Shean and Jordan Valleys a total of 30 relevant netted fish ponds were controlled between 17 September and 11 October 2012:

Survey map: thick yellow edging = affected aquaculture in the Jordan Valley (thin yellow edging), thick red edging = affected aquaculture in the Bet Shean Valley (thin red edging). Both Valleys with a total fish pond area of 782 ha.
Netted fish pond with many and great horizontal touches in the water (example the yellow arrow) and big holes on the edge (see green arrow). The net to miss each tension. The red arrow indicates a dead Black Stork. Tirat Zvi (Bet Shean Valley), 08 October 2012.
Large Black Stork roost associations in Israel, like such as the Jordan Valley near Yardena, are in a constant interaction with the neighboring fish ponds. 03 October 2012.
Usually used three different large mesh-size in the studied Valleys and fish ponds (n = 30) with 10 cm, 13,5 cm and 15 cm. All mesh-size more than 2,5 cm of the cover nets are deadly for birds (incl. smaller birds, see the next figure). Newe Ur (Jordan Valley), 24 September 2012.
In future all nets in Israel must have a mesh-size smaller 3 cm! I found in the nets with a mesh size of 4 cm among other Night Heron, Little Bittern and Pied Kingfisher. Kfar Ruppin (Bet Shean Valley), 05 October 2012.
Relevant (here five of the six, red edging) fish ponds in aquaculture facility Gesher, Jordan Valley. 04 October 2012.
Black Stork migration in the Jordan Valley - Hamadya, 08 October 2012.
Bet Shean, a migration hub for Black Storks and connection of the Bet Shean- and Jezreel Valleys. Bet Shean, 08 October 2012.
Another heavy disturbance for Black Storks (blue arrow): An airplane (black arrow) is flying very low and very close to the fish ponds (yellow arrow), spraying pesticides (red arrow). Newe Ur (Jordan Valley), 23 September 2012.
The fish pond is not spanned with the net on top (red dotted line). Instead, the net got longer shirred lines which touches the surface of the water on the pond edges as well as the embankment and between the vegetation (see yellow arrows). Newe Ur (Jordan Valley), 23 September 2012.

Age distribution of the involved Black Storks in cover nets from 17 September - 11 October 2012 (n = 44).
Border to Jordan, 22 September 2012.

The fish pond is covered completely, but with dangerous holes (yellow arrows). In addition dangerous and unnecessary left-overs of nets on the embankment (red arrow). In the middle of the picture a dead Black Stork from first calendar year, Kfar Ruppin (Bet Shean Valley), 03 October 2012.
Recently killed Black Storks, captured on the accessible vertical side of the nets are an easy prey to Golden Jackal or Mongoose (left yellow arrow). There is also a dead Black Stork in the water (right yellow arrow). Both birds disappeared completely within two days! Newe Ur (Jordan Valley), 26 September 2012.
10 cm mesh-size is also deadly for Pied Kingfisher - 07 October 2010, Kfar Ruppin (Bet Shean Valley).

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Black Stork video sequences Israel 2010-2012

You can use the video on YouTube at 720p (HD quality).
The first video clip shows the landing from the roost to the feeding sites near Newe Ur (Jordan Valley) on 3 October 2012. The second video clip shows the same place in autumn 2011:

The third video shows the beautiful bath of Black Storks near Hamadya (Jordan Valley) 2010:

A very nice Black Stork roost place in the Jordan Valley - one of five important places directly on the border with Jordan: