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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Israel 2011 - "Black Lady's" migration

©  all data Carsten Rohde
My work is finished. More than 4,300 kilometers of 26 days between the fields and fish ponds.I've spent 350 hours in the field. In the next few weeks, I will analyze all data.

At my old Estonian friend "Oss" unfortunately the transmitter works no longer since Summer 2011 in Estonia. 
I'm not able to observe himNot a good signI knew his habits in Israel and I had "Oss" found!

Total overview of Black Stork colour & metal ring readings in Israel autumn 2011 with 174 different BS:

  • Czech Rep.: 50 (601H, 627J, 631V, 62W7, 62W8, 6MH, 61U3, 60AA, 630R, 61FU, 61V4, 6RV, 60M6, 6103, 62FA, 6022, 63H8, 6068, 6132, 60JM, 62P4, 636U, 639J, 60L2, 60V5, 626X, 63AW, 637W, 61W2, 63C3, 62PW, 62V5, 61VW, 613U, 60W9, 629J, 61CA, 63T2, 63T3, 6360, 6312, 62W6, 633P, 61N6, metal BX 11442, 62T8, 62W1, 63AN, 672, metal BX12249)
  • Poland: 29 (1P71, 1E83, 1R25, 1B08, 1B16, 1H12, 1H14, 1K03, 1H26, 1H49, 1V79, 1A99, 1H76, 1L85, 1H02, 1B34, 1R12, 1H66, 1L39, 1H77, 1E39, 1E97, metal VN 4111, 1C15, 1M62, 1B07, 1V46, 1H45, 1M60)
  • Estonia: 8 (7006, 7014 "Raivo", 7079, 7085 "Valdur", 708P "Pirsu", metal A10015, 703U, 703L)
  • Lithuania: 14 (V022, V060, V102, V163, V217, V308, V320, V321, V252, V355, V350, metal 5331, V276, V307)
  • Belarus: 1 (3A52)
  • Latvia: 19 (0AT6, 0ACO, 0AWC, 0CCM, 0CAW, 0CJR, 0A6X, 0AUW, 0CJ9, 0CH7, 0CJN, 0CHL, 0CJH, 0A7V, OCH1, 0AV9, 0CJW, 0CJA, 0CHP)
  • Hungary: 15 (50XC, 516C, 5145, 50N7, 505U, 50M8, 50V8, 50W8, 5118, 50HC, 501A, 50XN, metal Budapest 1833518, 517W, 512V)
  • Slovakia: 13 (88N, 8AJ, 8JN, 8F2, 8241, 8316, 8347, 8XN, 8CN, 8WA, 888, 8342, 8PN)
  • Ukraine: 8 (U54, U64, U67, U79, U80, U55, U59, U32)
  • Croatia: 2 (metal Zagreb TA06134, 500M)
  • Israel: 8 (ME00, ME09, metal L5502, ME17, ME06, ME22, ME31, metal L4648)
  • Germany: 0 :-((( mostly over Spain by Santi...:-)))
  • Austria: 4 (2030, 2039, 2043, ELSA "DER A 6825")
  • Bulgaria: 1 (narrow metal 7-00933 - reading after two hours!)
  • Belgium: 1 (CC57)
  • Unknown (metal 1607, metal 6301)
A big "fish" while my ring readings in Israel 2011! - The origin from ad. BS "CC57" (red plastic on right tibia - difficult to find) is from Belgium! The BS was ringed as nestling by Gerard Gadoul in Belgium on 15.06.2004. In May 2006 the BS was observed still in France! INCREDIBLE!! 
Special thanks to Frederic Chapalain for the fast answer with ringing data!
Gesher, Jordan Valley - 17.10.2011 -  C. Rohde.

E.g. at the 23. September roost a flock of 1300 Black Storks in the Valleys - in total 15 colour-ringed BS and one metal ringed.
"Raivo" is also back - see below the second from left is "Raivo" and right 1. cy BS "631V" from Czech Republic - "Harod Valley" - 23.09.11 - © C. Rohde:

This is "8AJ" an old friend from Slovakia - Jordan Valley - 23.09.11 © C. Rohde

On 26. September was a superb migration day: 2600 BS passing 5:00 - 05:30 pm  the Jordan Valley to South.

Really nice migration day on 26. September - Jordan Valley - © C. Rohde.

Very rare picture - three colour-ringed BS together - in the front and middle from Czech Republic and behind from Lithuania - 26. Sept. 2011 - © C. Rohde.

Inside the fish pond near Newe Ur - on 27th September 1290 BS!!
14:00 pm 630 Ind, 15:40 pm 850 Ind. and 16:40 pm 1290 BS (incl. 330 1.cy - a very good result!) - © C. Rohde.

A really big problem - the strung nets over the fish ponds!! Either drowning or strangulation the BS there. More later. I would like elaborate a paper.
Meanwhile, I've found in total so 18 BS. Of these I could only five BS rescue alive - in two cases like partisan work - I've cut the nets swimming with knives...
All photos © C. Rohde.

My job...                                                                                                 © T. Gröbel

One of my rescued babies "ME22" - in the meantime released and observed happily 12 km from the location of release after 4 days - Meshilot - 10.10.11 - © C. Rohde.

This is perhaps the first image of white outer primaries at BS! - Jordan Valley near Kfar Ruppin on 30th September 2011 - © C. Rohde.

Austrian BS "2043" in the Jordan Valley - 30th September - © C. Rohde.

Estonian "Raivo" (7014) within the "Harod Valley" - here in Reshafim on 02th October 2011 - © C. Rohde.

Estonian "Valdur" (7085) near Tirat Zvi on 06.10.2011 - Jordan Valley - © C. Rohde.

Estonian "Pirsu" (708P) is in the evening 03.10.2011 near Gesher (Jordan Valley) together with 1300 BS arrived.

Estonian "Pirsu" still here - morning 05.10.2011 togehther with 1600 BS in the Jordan Valley - © C. Rohde.

 Estonian "7079" here in Meshilot on 10.10.11 - © C. Rohde.

"613U" from Czech Republic also in Meshilot - note the shape of fish in the neck - 10.10.11 - © C. Rohde.     

"Valdur" is still in Israel on 10.10.11 in Meshilot together with 600 BS - © C. Rohde.

Bulgarian Black Stork "7-00933" near Hamadya - my first Bulgarian BS metal ring reading after two hours by the scope in Israel - very difficult the engraving! - 16.10.2011 - © C. Rohde 

See you next year again.... Carsten