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Natal & breeding dispersal of colour-ringing Clanga pomarina in Mecklenburg-Western-Pomerania 2007-2018

Für diese spezielle Auswertung zum Ansiedlungsverhalten nestjung beringter Schreiadler (LSE) im Nordosten Deutschlands flossen folgende Q...

Monday, February 14, 2011

Raptor Monitoring - Lesser Spotted Eagle (1990 - 2010)

Since 1990 - I control a 420 square kilometer area in NE-Germany on raptors. Specific studies are here for Lesser Spotted Eagle (Aquila pomarina) and Hobby (Falco subbuteo).
2010 was a very successful year for the LSE in the study area: 
15 occupied territories (RP),
13 pairs (BP) have begun with the brood (87%), 
10 pairs were successful (0,85 juv.*/BP; 0,73 juv.*/RP - * = one pair with 2 juv.).
The LSE population varies between 2,4 - 4,0 RP/ 100 square km. 
In 2010 there were 3,6 RP/ 100 square km.
This clutch was over-brooded. Photo: 08.07.2010 - note fresh branches of oaks and down feathers from female.
This young LSE is about two weeks old - note the very fresh branches of spruce.
The female "stands guard" near the young Eagle.
The female after the feeding with a vole.
Typical flight shapes of Aquila pomarina.
Hobby (female) - These beautiful Falcons breeds with 6-8 BP in the area.
Marsh Harrier (male) - Marsh Harrier is a regular breeder in the monitoring area.
The Black Kite broods with 3-4 pairs in the monitoring area.
Honey Buzzard (female) - The monitoring area is one of the best places for Honeys in MV. Is a breeding ground for up to 28 pairs (6,7 BP/ 100 square km in 2005-2008).
The Red Kite is typical breeder in the monitoring area. The breeding population varied in the past 20 years with 48 - 55 pairs (11,4 - 13,1 pairs/ 100 square km). All images by Carsten Rohde 2010 and 2011.

"Field Harrier Project MV" - Special Nest Protection

Here is an overview about the breeding population of Montagu's Harrier inside the districts of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania between 1997 - 2010. 
About 95 % of pairs breeding in fields (grain) - therefore, we use also the name "Field Harrier".

First zone (great) nest protection area during the grain harvest.

Second zone (sensitive) nest fence (1 m high). Special protection from predatory mammals.

Montagu's male on the field track near the nest.

During the nest fence construction and parallel harvest! (Photo: A. Hofmann).

Montagu's nest after the construction of the fence (here in the barley field).

Young male (note the iris color) of Montagu's during the ringing.

Beautiful fledged young Montagu's Harrier - without the fence no chance...!

Special thanks to A. Hofmann, H. Eggers, G. Olsthoorn and B. Rosan.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lesser Spotted Eagle - crazy German LSE "HA" passing to Spain

On 13.07.2010 was a young LSE in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania ringed by A. Hofmann & C. Rohde, © C. Rohde.
This LSE did not take usual to the southeast route across Israel. He passed the other route and was suddenly on 12.11.2010 observed and photographed by Pako Zufiaur over Tarifa (Strait of Gibraltar) in Spain. You could see the ring very well. No doubt - it was an LSE from NE-Germany!
Young LSE with ring-code "HA" - ringing on 13.07.2010 in NE-Germany © C. Rohde.
LSE "HA" on 12.11.2010 - four month later over Tarifa in Spain, © P. Zufiaur.
The crazy route of German LSE "HA" - distance 2460 km (223°) SW.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Black Stork migration - Israel Autumn 2010 - a short overview

The Black Stork trip 2010 in Israel was indeed a very hard job. A large part of BS drifted in 2010 more easterly over Jordan and could be not counted. You can see a comparison between 2009 and 2010 in autumn migration:

In the front the Jezreel Valley - behind in the lower level the Jordan & Beit Shean Valley - The Valleys are very important roost and migration areas from Eurasian Black Storks.
Black Storks love a bath...
Czech Black Stork with metal ring
Estonian Black Stork "Oss" with satellite transmitter - wintering 2010/ 2011 in Israel near Tirat Tzvi.
Osprey near Newe Eitan (Beit Shean Valley) - wintering area.
Little Egret dancing on carps....
Roller - a typical bird of passing in Israel
Lithuanian Black Stork "V102" Autumn 2010 in 3. cy - this bird roost in Autumn 2009 (2. cy) on the same place in Israel!
Border to Jordan
White Pelicans
One of four important roost places inside the Jordan Valley
Hoopoe - the National bird of Israel
Pied Kingfisher looking for fish.
White Storks on the roost place in the Beit Shean Valley, Autumn 2010.
The Greater Spotted Eagle - a typical wintering bird in Israel
Comparison between Greater (left) and Lesser (right) Spotted Eagle.
The Holy Stork in the Holy Land - Jordan Valley, Autumn 2010
Short-toed Eagle - such cool...
Czech BS "60L2" - this bird wintering also in Israel 2010/2011.
So amazing color with metallic green and violet gloss.
Landing to the roost....
Migration flock of Black Stork over the Beit Shean Valley - Autumn 2010