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Saturday, July 09, 2011

First German Six-Pack

This year is truly a special Black Stork year in Germany. I can tell as a crowning of Germany's first "Six-Pack". Andre Maslow, a young and enthusiastic ornithologist and falconer found this new beech-nest in Thuringia, directly on the border to Bavaria.

Six nestlings and the adult Black Stork at feeding time....
08.07.2011, Thuringia © C. Rohde.

Note - the chicks are almost fully fledged - at that age can be neighboring to cheat already fledging Storks. For example, a SIX PACK are entirely fake - if they checked very late in the nest! 
These are but a secure brood with six nestlings. Two weeks ago, Andre was able to admire this chicks.

Six wonderful Black Storks - but only with six legs...  fledging in 2-3 days!
08.07.2011, Thuringia © C. Rohde.
A special thanks for taking photos from the hiding place goes to my BS-friends in Thuringia - Andre Maslow and Gunter Berwing.

From Europe there are currently 5 secured documents with six Black Stork nestlings (2x Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria).
Flight training - 08.07.2011, Thuringia © C. Rohde.

Where is my trout.... - 08.07.2011, Thuringia © C. Rohde 

Quickly disappear.... - 08.07.2011, Thuringia © C. Rohde