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Thursday, July 28, 2011

The next Black Stork story

This year is full of Black Stork surprises.

Normally, late broods observed for Black Storks until mid-May (12th till 15. May). For June, there is currently no confirmed sightings in Germany till now. I was surprised as I have today found a appr. 20-day-old young BS in the nest. The start of breeding was thus following the 07th-08. June!! An incredible story. In the nest was already a dead young BS. We have measured in the region 120 mm rainfall in just two days!
This putative second-clutch is probably one of the latest in Europe (see below).

For comparison later broods (beginning) in Europe: 
  • Czech Republic: ~ 16.06.1999 (on 12.09.99 juv. staying still on the nest) - F. POJER;
  • Belgium: ~ 23.05.2011 (two cases) - G. JADOUL
  • Latvia: ~ mid-June (undated), fledged juv. mid-September - M. STRAZDS
  • Germany - ~ 08.06.2011 (J. HAFERLAND & C. ROHDE)

This approximately 20-day-old young Black Stork is on a pine. Brandenburg - 28.07.2011 © C. Rohde.
If everything goes perfectly, he will only fledged in mid-September. But it is questionable.... Apparently missing also already a parent....?! We keep an eye on things!
Lonely boy.... Keeping my fingers crossed, Brandenburg - 28.07.2011 © C. Rohde