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Monday, September 24, 2012

Black Stork drama in fish pond cover nets

First I would like my thanks for the help.
I apologize if I do not answer immediately.
Because my day starts at 04:00 am and I have no internet in my room. But I try always to find WI-FI stations...
Before I will still collect all the things.
Then I can make a better impression about the situation.

No matter whether a German, Austrian, Israeli, Polish, Czech or.... guy - important is the message. The mistakes that were made in Israel over the years must be eliminated!
In November 2012 - I will create a comprehensive working paper with practicable proposals and solutions.
"A completely unnecessary death of birds in cover nets over fish ponds in Israel - As an example the Black Stork (Ciconia nigra) in the Jordan & Bet Shean Valley autumn survey 2012"

All Data and images are subject to data privacy. They are also not up to the publication of my paper citation reference. 

In the meantime I have to report other cases in nets.

From 05. October all new stories please again at the bottom....

Updated Black Stork "cover net survey":
25. October 2012 - Jordan/ Bet Shean Valley (checked all data)

44 cases by Black Stork in cover nets!!

  • death in the net: 21
  • rescued: 23, unfortunately, thereof the Latvian BS "0CMU" died during the transport. It was his second net touch in two days... to much stress.
A new bad story... Slowly is dwindling my powers....

Many birdwatchers know the Kibbutz Kfar Ruppin. The gate shows the logo of the Black Stork. In my eyes really a joke! The money is provided mainly there for "beautiful" birdwatching tours, but not for the Black Stork  & Co. in Israel.
An example: near at the entry to the ponds I found today (03. October 2012) three Black Storks in nets. Only one I could help and still release. Shameful.
My baby number 17 in two weeks! Fish ponds Kfar Ruppin - 03. October 2012 - © C. Rohde 
After his release. He's fine. The ring code is "ME28" (2. cy). 
Dead Black Stork one in 1. cy - Kfar Ruppin, 03. October 2012 
Dead Black Stork two in 2. cy. - Kfar Ruppin, 03. October 2012
The everyday life... I found this BS just before sunset on 02. October near Newe Ur. The day before a case on the same place. Then I brought him to Nir David (zoo) - a long working day is finished.

My new Baby. After the release, I have observed one hour. Nice, it has recovered well. Tomorrow I will look   again. A small success. 01. October 2012 - © C. Rohde

Total of other species by "net survey Bet Shean & Jordan Valley 2012" (updated 11. October 2012):

  • Black Kite: 17 cases, thereof 6 released
  • Marsh Harrier: 3 cases, thereof 2 released
  • White Stork: 8 cases
  • Grey Heron: 14 cases
  • Night Heron: 44 cases, thereof 9 released
  • Little Egret: 26 cases, thereof 11 released

One of 8 released Night Herons till now - Gesher - 01.10.12 - © C. Rohde

I'm just angry and helpless - two new cases in nets.
Both young ones dead - I was too late...
Simply too lazy dismantle the side nets!
Location of the tragedy - Newe Ur - 30.09.12 
No chance - Young one!
Young two!
Another big problem are the unprotected pylons in Israel!
Newe Ur - 30.09.12 © C. Rohde

A main problem is the abrupt drives by fishermen and birdwatchers along the net ponds. The birds get great panic, fly down into the net.....

A fisherman comes with a car driven very fast. The birds get panic. An adult BS stays in net. The fisherman does not register such cases - or he will not...

Great stress, especially adult BS, they are very aggressive during the rescue.
Five minutes after the rescue. The BS is okay and take off later...
"0CMU" after the second net touch.
Completely weakened - he needed to the care station. Unfortunately, he died during the drive. The long trips to the station are also a problem.
The circumstances are not optimal. Cement ground.. Further deficits..

The almost daily picture....
My equipment. The floating mat I "borrowed" me... Like a combat diver in GDR times. It's not funny anymore.
Drama of 26. September. Two dead BS plus rescued one BS.

Other information:
Unfortunately I did not write the time to detail.
But now I have but some news from the guerrilla front...
Everything starts with a mesh size of 10, 13,5  or 15 cm. The first death sentence.
When used herein a distance of 2 cm. then is helped the most birds. More material - but not a problem in Israel, the land of waste in the wrong place...
The precise facts and suggestions I come to finish my tour.

The nets are also to flat over the water level. The temptation is to great for Stork, Herons & Co. The Stork here was still alive. I can still save him. It's often the same dangerous ponds. Also an important starting point. Gesher  fish ponds - 22.09.12 © C. Rohde
Besides a second juv. Black Stork.
After my salvaging. The Black Storks rent a car. The next problem is the care. I'm 30 km with the Storks go. Fortunately Kobi Meyrom helped. One of the rare active conservationists in the Jordan Valley. Also there are solutions, if you will... The Storks were released the following day. A small part of success.
One day later, I'm too late. The same pool. 23.09.12 - Gesher ponds - © C. Rohde

The Night Heron has the largest death rate in the nets. Right the dead Black Stork. 23.09.12 - © C. Rohde
Sloppy economy. The nets can be removed. But as the GDR era... I addressed these things again and again. But now must be simply be acted. 23.09.12,  Newe Ur ponds - © C. Rohde
Black Stork in the second calendar year. The list gets longer and longer. The eyes are watering and my heart hurt. Newe Ur ponds on 24.09.12 - © C. Rohde
The deadly mesh size of 13,5 cm......
Without word....
Compared to the nets is the jackal like a joke for Black Storks. Border to Jordan - 23.09.12 - © C. Rohde
Just for the muse. Landing to the roost place - 23.09.12 - © C. Rohde
This Black Kite has the rescue indeed still released - Newe Ur - 30.09.12 - © C. Rohde
It is again a dilemma after the story in Kfar Ruppin. Meanwhile the birds are "thoroughly cleared". But today on 05. October hangs the next Black Kite on the net.

1. cy Black Kite in Kfar Ruppin - 05. October 2012 - © C. Rohde
But the dilemma is elsewhere. It involves the care of birds in the Beit Shean and Jordan Valley. From today, no more birds cared in the surrounding area!
So I can not find any more birds....
They did say that the birds are to be picked up by rangers - but then it goes a long way to Tel Aviv...Holidays should then be not be..but the half October consists of holidays in Israel...

What could us say the image. Not a good future for the protection of the Storks and Herons in Israel...  (cover nets, power lines and kind of pylons). It's my opinion - It rust everywhere! 
My private hospital!

My last handover for album near Nir David - 05. October 2012
Not to understand - In the Beit Shean Valley stand new pylons for new power lines. Note the dangerous isolators. Amidst the main migration route and roost of White Storks in Israel and the world!
How exactly are working the nature conservation authorities with the government on such projects and how is the involvement? Or the project was stopped? Because the pylons are more than a year without lines...
I hope my last baby - here before the mudslinging...... - Newe Ur - 11.10.12 - © C. Rohde
After his release... for me, a successful conclusion after 3,5 weeks hard and difficult job...
My last action today, the release of this 1 cy. Black Kite (number six by survey) at sunset. 11.10.12 - Jordan Valley - © C. Rohde