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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Black Stork trip Israel autumn 2012

Friends, in the next three and a half weeks I'm back in Israel (17 Sept. till 12 Oct.).
So I hope I have a wireless connection. I'm trying to find some nice impressions for Black Lady's and raptors.
A list of cr-ringed BS should be created again...like 2011"Black Lady's blog".
It's my twelfth year without a break in Israel autumn migration.

Before an interesting life story of my other favorites....the Lesser Spotted Eagles.

During the hunting ground together with a White Stork.

Male Lesser Spotted Eagle in Spring (NE-Germany breeding place). He is paired with...
this nice female -  It's a mixed pair, because the female is a F1 hybrid of Greater Spotted x Lesser Spotted. Note the habitus shape, the gape, iris colour.... 2012, the breeding was again successful!

My last German Lesser Spotted Eagle on 13 September 2012. The male brings another mouse for young. In the next few weeks to start the fascinating "Eagle-peak days" in the Northern Valley in Israel.
Lesser Spotted Eagle - this male is already 20 years old. It's only 25 km from the present breeding site born!

Note the amber inclusions in the iris. A typical characters for a even older LSE. © C. Rohde
The metal ring from the German Ringing Centre Hiddensee CA 001670 tells the origin of bird, born 1992. © C. Rohde
The same male in 2010 (note the metal ring on the right tarsus). 2010 with two chicks!

This year we have ringed 226 young Black Storks in Germany.
I'm really excited for possible recoveries in Israel.

After ringing in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

Total overview of Black Stork colour & metal ring readings in Israel autumn 2012 :

I delete the data. 
However, I will insert the data for the ringers at the end yet.

There is a important reason for the actual deletion. There are indeed problems with the annual victims in nets, power lines etc.
Israel is sleeping for years - it changes nothings!
I will in the next days, if I have WI-FI (it's sometimes a problem), create a new post with images and facts from the drama.
So I spend for years in private many time for the Black Storks. Since 2000 also in Israel. Meantime I know the country and characteristics there very well.
Time to make demands!
I want to start next year a special campaign.
Sorry, but this autumn so it leaves little time for ring readings. I check every day now the nets in the Valleys. It's much more important to me.
A typical example in Israel - today are birdwatcher simply passed on two located Black Storks in nets....

My first German BS 2012 in Israel - "TTN" ringed in Saxony. - 26.09.12 border to Jordan - © C. Rohde
A picture full of atmosphere. Roost place Jordan Valley - © C. Rohde

This Short-toed Egale fixed a snake from pylon. A great shot! 18. Sept. 2012 - © C. Rohde
My lovely "Raivo" from Estonia. We're always a team in Israel.. 18. Sept. 2012 - © C. Rohde
Note left young BS from Austria "2053". 18. Sept. 2012, Newe Ur - © C. Rohde
Typical situation an the afternoon. Strong Wind from West and the BS stand in the lee. In this flock is an old friend from Lithuania "V022". 18. Sept. 2012, Newe Ur - © C. Rohde
Birding Tours Tirat Tzvi, 18. Sept. 2012 - © C. Rohde
Black Storks on the border to Jordan, 18. Sept. 2012 - © C. Rohde
This Czech BS "639V" with nice impressions - Jordan Valley - 19. Sept. 2012 - © C. Rohde
Like a Kingfisher...© C. Rohde

Another 1.cy Black Stork - all images Jordan Valley - © C. Rohde
Successfully fishing trip.....© C. Rohde

Crossing one....
Crossing two...
Black Stork in 2. cy - © C. Rohde
A nice shot... © C. Rohde

Dancing on the water-one...
Dancing on the water -two...
A long day is ending. But still - the Black Storks to count on the roost... 19. Sept. 2012 - Jordan Valley - © C. Rohde
Wow...Osprey near my Kibbutz in Newe Eitan, 21. Sept. 2012 - © C. Rohde

The young BS "646H" from Tirat Tzvi, 21. Sept. 2012 - © C. Rohde

The same bird - © C. Rohde
Black Kite in the evening light, the best light in Israel! - 21. Sept. 2012 - © C. Rohde

Perfect light - © C. Rohde

White Storks in Tirat Tzvi, 21. Sept. 2012 - © C. Rohde
The same evening light like Black Kites - 21. Sept. 2012 - © C. Rohde

The Holy Black Stork in the Jordan Valley, 20. Sept. 2012 - © C. Rohde
The border to Jordan, 20. Sept. 2012 - © C. Rohde