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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Black Stork migration - Israel Autumn 2010 - a short overview

The Black Stork trip 2010 in Israel was indeed a very hard job. A large part of BS drifted in 2010 more easterly over Jordan and could be not counted. You can see a comparison between 2009 and 2010 in autumn migration:

In the front the Jezreel Valley - behind in the lower level the Jordan & Beit Shean Valley - The Valleys are very important roost and migration areas from Eurasian Black Storks.
Black Storks love a bath...
Czech Black Stork with metal ring
Estonian Black Stork "Oss" with satellite transmitter - wintering 2010/ 2011 in Israel near Tirat Tzvi.
Osprey near Newe Eitan (Beit Shean Valley) - wintering area.
Little Egret dancing on carps....
Roller - a typical bird of passing in Israel
Lithuanian Black Stork "V102" Autumn 2010 in 3. cy - this bird roost in Autumn 2009 (2. cy) on the same place in Israel!
Border to Jordan
White Pelicans
One of four important roost places inside the Jordan Valley
Hoopoe - the National bird of Israel
Pied Kingfisher looking for fish.
White Storks on the roost place in the Beit Shean Valley, Autumn 2010.
The Greater Spotted Eagle - a typical wintering bird in Israel
Comparison between Greater (left) and Lesser (right) Spotted Eagle.
The Holy Stork in the Holy Land - Jordan Valley, Autumn 2010
Short-toed Eagle - such cool...
Czech BS "60L2" - this bird wintering also in Israel 2010/2011.
So amazing color with metallic green and violet gloss.
Landing to the roost....
Migration flock of Black Stork over the Beit Shean Valley - Autumn 2010