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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Lesser Spotted Eagle with two chicks - a little story....

Female after feeding, in the front "Susi", © C. Rohde.

It is indeed an exception when two young Lesser Spotted Eagles (LSE) fly out successfully. The latest proof comes from 1992 (W. Starke) in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (NE Germany). After eighteen years, we have once again succeeded near the same place from 1992. 
In Germany on the north-western distribution limit in Europe - only approximately 110 breeding pairs of these small Eagle specie. In the district M-V breed still about 85-90 pairs.

LSE breeding pair with two chicks to ringing on 08.07.2010 in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania by A. Hofmann & C. Rohde (left male "Karl" with 1620 g about 5,5 weeks and right female "Susi" with 1310 g about 4,5 weeks), © C. Rohde.
Two weeks later on 21.07.2010 ("Karl" on the front with 1460 g and "Susi" behind with 1550g), © C. Rohde.

The end of July it became clear - Susi has really big problems with the primaries! She has left the nest on 11.08.2010. But since then she moved only on the forest ground. Susi can not fly... We have therefore captured Susi on 13.08.2010 on the ground. We are hopeful it will be released in Spring 2011...
Susi at the ground on 13.08.2010.

Note the left primaries with the aberration (after capture on 13.08.2010), © C. Rohde.
The lovely female left the nest.....eye to eye...., © C. Rohde
The old male with a mouse - note the metal ring on the right leg - perhaps from Germany (Hiddensee metal ring).  A reading was till now not possible. We hope for the new season....., © C. Rohde.