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Monday, February 14, 2011

"Field Harrier Project MV" - Special Nest Protection

Here is an overview about the breeding population of Montagu's Harrier inside the districts of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania between 1997 - 2010. 
About 95 % of pairs breeding in fields (grain) - therefore, we use also the name "Field Harrier".

First zone (great) nest protection area during the grain harvest.

Second zone (sensitive) nest fence (1 m high). Special protection from predatory mammals.

Montagu's male on the field track near the nest.

During the nest fence construction and parallel harvest! (Photo: A. Hofmann).

Montagu's nest after the construction of the fence (here in the barley field).

Young male (note the iris color) of Montagu's during the ringing.

Beautiful fledged young Montagu's Harrier - without the fence no chance...!

Special thanks to A. Hofmann, H. Eggers, G. Olsthoorn and B. Rosan.