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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lesser Spotted Eagle - crazy German LSE "HA" passing to Spain

On 13.07.2010 was a young LSE in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania ringed by A. Hofmann & C. Rohde, © C. Rohde.
This LSE did not take usual to the southeast route across Israel. He passed the other route and was suddenly on 12.11.2010 observed and photographed by Pako Zufiaur over Tarifa (Strait of Gibraltar) in Spain. You could see the ring very well. No doubt - it was an LSE from NE-Germany!
Young LSE with ring-code "HA" - ringing on 13.07.2010 in NE-Germany © C. Rohde.
LSE "HA" on 12.11.2010 - four month later over Tarifa in Spain, © P. Zufiaur.
The crazy route of German LSE "HA" - distance 2460 km (223°) SW.